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Ancient Routes & Idyllic Isles

Remote island republics and UNESCO-treasured archipelagos are extraordinary in their pristine beauty. From the Maldives and Seychelles to Sri Lanka and beyond, discover picturesque beaches and enchanting mangrove forests.

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Praslin, the second largest island of Seychelles and arguably tops in attractions, features stunning beaches, azure seas, tangles of jungle and a trademark relaxed atmosphere. What makes Praslin unique is the Vallée de Mai, a protected forest of rare fauna, and most famously the coco de mer palm, a tree that produces the world’s largest seed and palm flower. The grove is one of Seychelles’ two UNESCO World Heritage Sites and has been aptly called the Garden of Eden.

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Colombo to Mombasa

Chart an exotic course from Sri Lanka bound for glistening atolls in the Maldives, the gardens and beaches of the Seychelles and the spice-laden markets of Zanzibar. Arrive Mombasa for two days of extraordinary safaris and wilderness adventures.

Apr 08 2023
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Colombo to Mombasa

A Culinary Journey with Crystal Cruises | Madagascar

Vanilla, the classic flavor favorite, is produced mainly in Madagascar and neighboring Indonesia. Join Chef Jon Ashton and Crystal Serenity's executive pastry chef Harold Neufang search for Madagascar's first French settlement of the island's signature vanilla.

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