Crystal Society Membership:  Benefits Terms & Conditions 


Program Eligibility
The program is effective with sailings beginning April 16, 2014 (on Crystal Serenity, voyage 4307) and  June 1, 2014 (on Crystal Symphony, voyage 4212) for bookings made on February 4, 2013 and thereafter, unless changed or cancelled. This program supersedes any prior programs. Guests are eligible for participation in the program after completion of their first full-fare cruise and upon commencement of their second full-fare

Program Rules
All Crystal Society Membership Benefits Program rewards and cruise levels are per person, non-transferable (in whole or in part) and may not be redeemed as cash. Solo traveler guests receive the per-person rewards and benefits listed in the Crystal Society Membership Benefits brochure or online. Guests must physically embark and complete a full-fare voyage (concession or reduced rate bookings excluded) to receive credit for a particular cruise. All rewards convert to current year of redemption.

Shipboard Credits
Shipboard credits may not be applied as a deduction toward current or future cruise fares, port, security and handling charges, pre-paid shore excursions, or airfare add-ons. Cruise credits may not be applied to cancelled reservations (whether paid in full or in part). Shipboard credits are non-redeemable for cash, valid for one sailing (defined as a booking) only, do not apply to the casino or Bingo, and are only applicable on board.

Milestone level upgrades will be applied at the sole discretion of the Crystal Society Department and may be offered as a pro-ration of cruise pricing, including onboard and Crystal Society savings. Upgrades may not be requested after embarkation. Credits earned after embarkation may not be applied to your combination of multiple voyages. A new booking made on board to extend your cruise vacation may apply, but only at the discretion of the Crystal Society Department. Note: Changes made to bookings will be based on pricing at time of requested Milestone approval, not at the time of booking. Free cruises and upgrades may not be re-fared or redeemed after final payment is made.

All stateroom upgrades apply to cruises up to 12 days in length (depending on Milestone reward). Upgrades must be pre-arranged at least 21 days before departure and are subject to space availability at the time of the reservation. Free cruise benefit and upgrades will not be granted on board and are not re-calculated for back-to-back sailings or multi-cruise reservations.

Special Penthouse Amenities Package
If a Crystal Society member redeems his or her amenities package and is also on a Crystal “Classic— or “Classic-Plus— Hotel Program, he or she may either take the complimentary private car transfer offered with the Special Penthouse Amenities Package, or the motor coach transfer (but not both) offered with the Hotel Programs. No credit will be given for the unused transportation and/or tour. No unused shipboard credit may be retained.

Free Cruises
All free cruise rewards are cruise-only, based on stateroom/Penthouse availability at the time of the reservation, and apply to cruises between 7 and 12 days in length. Requests must be made in advance at least 21 days prior to cruise departure through the guest’s travel professional.

Complimentary Internet/Wi-Fi service on board
Crystal Society members (all guests traveling on their 2nd cruise and future or subsequent cruises thereafter) will receive free Internet/Wi-Fi service for the duration of their cruise.

Milestone Redemption
It is the travel agent’s or guest’s responsibility to request and confirm the appropriate rewards prior to the guest embarking on the vessel. Milestones are not automatically applied and must be requested at least 21 days before departure.

Cruise Levels:

• One cruise between 5 and 15 days: Guests receive credit for one (1) cruise level
• One cruise of 16 days or more: Guests receive credit for two (2) cruise levels
• Cruise levels are posted at the conclusion of each cruise
• Cruise levels are cumulative, are not deducted after earned, and do not expire unless program is discontinued
• Cruise levels are non-transferable and are awarded to the individual who sails and not the person who pays

Holiday Cruises
Upgrade and free-cruise Milestone level rewards do not apply to the December Holiday Cruises. Guests may choose to apply these Milestone rewards to their next applicable cruise. Shipboard credit Milestone rewards may be applied to December Holiday Cruises.

Crystal Society rewards may not apply to certain promotional offers. On all cruises, American Express® Cruise Privileges may be combined with the Crystal Society Membership Benefits Program. Crystal Cruises reserves the right to exclude or limit combinability with the benefits or rewards of other marketing partnerships or promotional offers not specified herein. Milestone level rewards may be combined if approved in advance by the Crystal Society Department.

Program Details
Crystal Cruises, LLC may from time to time at its sole discretion change the program rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of qualification, special offers or cruise-level reward requirements, in whole or in part, and reserves the right to discontinue the Crystal Society Membership Benefits Program at any time, with or without notice. If the program is cancelled, accrued benefits are no longer valid. This program applies only to cruises taken in the current year, not to cruises booked in previous years that are for a year beyond the current year. Direct all inquiries concerning this program to your preferred travel professional or Crystal Cruises’ Crystal Society Department at 1-866-446-4471 or